Sound 4 Concerts

Dead McIntoshConcert sound has come a long way from the days of Blue Cheer when they earned the title of "The World's Loudest Band" back in the late 1960s. Today's concert sound is much more efficient and powerful resulting in a louder, more crisp and even potentially a more damaging audio experience. Yes, you heard that right - a Lady Gaga show could be far more harmful to your ears than hearing the Grateful Dead in 1974 using their wall of McIntosh amps and speakers. Its just how technology works.

Ike HayesFor people who love the concert experience musically but don't always want to trek out to the local "enorm-o-dome" there are many options to you ranging from traditional media like Compact Discs and DVD-Video titles to more avant guarde and or high end formats like digital download, streaming media and our person favorite - Blu-ray. With today's high end surround formats like DTS Master Audio and Dolby True HD sound engineers have both the resolution and the uncompressed multi-channel audio to be able to convert your living room into a concert stage.

Here is a list of some of the best concert recordings that are worthy of your consideration:

Jimi HendrixJimi Hendrix: Live at Monterey (Compact Disc)

This is Jimi's first performance in the United States after going to England to find Noel Reading and Mitch Mitchell to make up The Experience - his backing band. Returning back to Northern California for what would be one of the best music festivals ever (sorry Woodstock) Jimi is at his very best. While his performance isn't note for note perfect (you can hear in his banter that he was a little bit nervous) it is soulful, powerful and moving. Consider this live Hendrix album his defacto "forth album"

HendrixJimi Hendrix: In The West (Vinyl)

Yes, we went with another Jimi Hendrix record here and one that never really made it to Compact Disc because the master tape was destroyed. This killer live performance can ONLY really be enjoyed on vinyl and for those who do - expect to hear what many Jimi-philes call "The best Red House EVER".

Led Zeppelin: The Song Remains The Same (Blu-ray)

This album is an aggregate of shows played in New York City's famous Madison Square Garden at a time Led Zeppelinwhen the band was at is absolute best. Indulgent, filled with solos, high in production value - this is the best rock and roll band EVER at their absolute best even if the performances are as tight as some remember.

Isaac Hayes: Live at the Sahara Tahoe (Compact Disc)
The concert venue might be gone but so is our favorite Scientologist and "Chef" from Southpark. This live show is possibly the best live soul show ever recorded. Ike kills classics, song styles Carol King tunes and brings down the house. Put aside the "purification rundowns" and measure your "Thetan Levels" after listening to this record as its pure gold.

Peter GabrielPeter Gabriel: Secret World Live (Blu-ray)

At the peak of his interest in world music comes Peter Gabriel and his highly polished theatrics. Gone are the animal suits from the old Genesis shows and in comes a concert in the round recorded beautifully and displayed in wonderful 1080p video. In many ways these recordings are better sounding than the studio versions as they are more modern interpretations using better mixing and mastering. You will love it.

We'll add even more shows in HD soon.